A Michigan Mystery

A Michigan Mystery

On December 28, 2016, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued a press release. Within hours a second, revised news release was issued. Although the subject was the same (the status of Aquila Resource’s mining permit applications), many statements in the first release were omitted in the second.


  1. “The department gave conditional approvals to…..”
  2. “…Faces significant remaining hurdles”
  3. “The Mining Permit is not effective, meaning no mining or site preparation may commence until the applicant acquires all necessary permits and has provided the MDEQ with the required financial surety.”
  4. “Additional information on requirements for approval of the Nonferrous Metallic Mineral Mining Permit (Mining Permit) is online.” Why were these statements removed? Was it because they aren’t true? No, each statement appears to be a verifiable fact! Were they removed because they contradict the mission statement of the MDEQ?No, the MDEQ’s mission statement is included for us in both releases. So, this is the latest big “mystery” surrounding the MDEQ. WHO AUTHORIZED THE CHANGES AND WHY WERE THE CHANGES MADE? We can only speculate about the reasons for their omission and only the MDEQ can solve this mystery. Contact Joe Maki, 906-250-4015, maki8@michigan.gov for answers.

Thank You

Front 40 would like to thank everyone who has supported us in our environmental fight against the Back Forty (proposed mine) Project.

That includes everyone who: wrote letters to the editor, attended forums, asked questions in public meetings, contributed financially, put out yard signs, spoke up at environmental meetings, wrote letters to DEQ, attended township and county meetings and voiced their opinions, spoke up in private meetings with friends and neighbors, wrote letters to government officials, helped in any way with our efforts to inform private citizens and elected officials about the realities surrounding metalic sulfide mineral mining.

Front 40 Environmental Fight has been involved in this effort for the last 12 years. We need your continued support and encouragement. We must continue this difficult, grass-roots work against a well-organized and well-financed adversary.

If we find ourselves hesitant to speak up and share our thoughts, we may benefit from the advice of Dr. Karam, a one-time Prime Minister of India, when he says, “Let difficulties know that you, too, are difficult.”

Let’s continue to voice our environmental concerns.

It is the feeling of Front 40 that, inasmuch as, the mining interest does not have all the pertinent information needed for the DEQ to approve/disapprove the mining application, a final decision should be delayed.

– Front 40

From the DEQ

The web address directing people to the web site that has the Back Forty Project updates and documents needs to be corrected as soon as possible in the Public Notice, including sending a correction for the publications.  The correct address is: