About the Front 40

Mission Statement:

childrenIt is the principal objective of the Front 40 Environmental Group to ensure that metallic sulfide mining operations are not allowed to adversely impact our rivers, lakes, groundwater and lands.

We will accomplish this objective through the following:

  • Creating public awareness of mining exploration currently being performed in Menominee County.
  • Informing citizens and elected officials of the reality of community economic issues typically involved with mining operations.


History of the Front 40

about_waterThe Front 40 is a grass-roots organization that was formed in early 2003 in response to the threat of a metallic mineral mine potentially being developed on the shores of the Menominee River in Lake Township, Michigan. The Front 40 name is in direct response to the “Back Forty” venture that was created by the mining interests. The Front 40 was founded after area citizens became concerned about survey and exploration activities along River Road in Lake Township and began to investigate what was transpiring. By the time citizens were aware of what was happening, the mining interests had already filed for over 40,000 acres of mineral rights to both private and state-owned property in Menominee County, MI and about that same amount in Marinette County, WI.

The Front 40 is a 501(c )(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Michigan. Tax deductible donations to help fund future Front 40 activities can be sent to:

Front 40
PO Box 113
Stephenson, MI 49887